If you are putting your home up for sale or considering letting it out, you want to get the best return you can from it. In order to attract buyers or renters and convince them to part with their money, you need to be showcasing a property that is at its very best. Whether the building is your own current home or part of your property portfolio, you can give it the very best chance of selling at the right price by completing all maintenance and repair work prior to it going on to the market.

One of the key areas often neglected by property sellers is the building’s roof. Out of sight, out of mind can often apply to the roofing system, so you may not have any idea what condition it is in or whether any repair work is needed. A damaged or worn roof might put off your buyers or cause renters to look elsewhere. After all, a poorly performing roof can let in water, cause structural damage, leave a home with damp and mould and cause heat to be lost as well. None of these things are desirable to buyers!

One of the best ways to check over your roof and assess its condition is to call in a team of experienced roofing contractors, who have experience in preparing homes for sale. A professional team like Telnik Roofing Ltd can use access equipment to safely reach your roof and take a good look. If any problems are identified, we can recommend roof repairs and carry out the work. This helps you to keep ahead of problems and to be sure you are selling a top quality property. Replacing the roof before you move with a modern, high-performance flat roof system or have new insulation fitted under a pitched roof, and you might even find that your home’s value increases! Make sure you get every penny you can when you sell on your property – carry out a full maintenance inspection and address any repairs before you sell.