Telnik Roofing Ltd are delighted to support the NFRC’s Safe2Torch campaign!

Telnik Roofing Ltd are delighted to pledge its support for the NFRC’s Safe2Torch campaign. Here we explain why we are committed to promoting and implementing its important messages throughout our organisation.

 What is Safe2Torch all about?

Safe2Torch is a new risk assessment strategy instigated by the NFRC (National Federation of Roofing Contractors), which aims to reduce the risk of roof fires when using gas torches on roofs. It is designed to support specification writers in complying with the Construction Design and Management Regulations 2015, which state that,

“The person who selects products for use in construction is a designer and must take account of health and safety issues arising from their use. If a product is purpose-built, the person who prepares the specification is a designer and so are manufacturers, if they develop a detailed design.”

The Safe2Torch strategy is therefore important for anyone involved in the design, specification and installation of roofing in the UK.


The Safe2Torch Pledge

As part of their campaign to spread the use of the Safe2Torch guidance, the NFRC has urged all designers and installers to sign the Safe2Torch pledge.

Telnik Roofing Ltd is a Safe2Torch Registered Member, and has signed up to the Safe2Torch Pledge which states that we will:

Highlight and report specifications which do not conform to Safe2Torch;

Identify and reduce the risk of roof fires caused by gas torches;

Ensure all employees are trained in the use of gas torches and their associated risks;

Ensure all supervisors or charge hands have completed the Safe2Torch checklist prior to hot works commencing.


Making a positive difference

The Safe2Torch campaign seeks to promote the positive side of the industry, where safe specifications and safe working practices are second nature.

And when you engage with a Safe2Torch contractor or manufacturer like ourselves, you will know your roof has been planned and installed within the requirements of the Safe2Torch guidance.

Our pledge means we are committed to promoting and implementing the campaign throughout our organisation.